Albert Dros: great impression

  Creating a photo it’s quite important to understand that to make it eye-catching it has to contain some idea and be done very professionally.   Today there are lots of good photographers, that catch the attention of audience with by marvelous creations and Albert Dros is among them. His pictures of landscapes take breath […]

Responsive web design

What is responsive web design? Key features of responsive web design What is responsive web design? Why should you switch your website to responsive design? Internet usage: Mobiles vs Desktops Market share of various mobile browsers

Alco design

Design of any sphere is an exciting and interesting process and in last few years it became more qualified and creative. Even package design reached the high level, because it strictly influences on purchasers and income. Industry of alcoholic drinks was and is one of the most popular among customers, so attention, put on branding […]

Books to read for designers

The Internet is full of different webinars, videos, and articles, but there is some information, which is difficult to search there, it’s available only in books, some of them are like must read for all designers. Every designer, who works on design contests or on other resources, needs to learn something new and develop his skills. […]

Apps to level up productivity

Professional from any sphere of creation needs and wants to level up his productivity because it strictly influences on his income. To make work better and easier there are lots of apps, which give a helping hand to creators all over the world, some are free to download, some are chargeable, but still.   […]

Vintage Fashion My Top Ten List

So as I go from a treasure hunter by nature to a treasure hunter career I realize that there is one aspect of vintage that I have not really explored…Fashion. Every once in while I will see girls dressed up in 50’s style clothing and as much fun as it looks I think that sometimes […]

Clarity and A Cool Camera

The end of the weekend is here and on with the new week. We had a good weekend, lots of activities, adventures, and hard work. I am going a little crazy trying to figure out this whole internet social media, be a blogger and a seller thing but I think that I have got a […]