Being a Successful Entrepreneur Starting With Nothing

There are many times that I sit and think to myself how difficult it will be to end up being a successful entrepreneur because I do not have any original ideas. Then something out of this world happens to overload my stress levels and I have a moment of clarity.
Theis blog is not just about the joys of thrifiting and my love for vintage, but my journey as a young American Women looking for some good American Freedom. Sam and I are avid Shark Tank watchers and I see all these peole in tears and talking about being flat broke, although a few get lucky most of them do not and to me that seems like a nightmare.
I have this strong desire for simplicity though usually I do not know where to find it.
With the motivation from Sam I have this desire in me to do everything legally possible to eliminate the idea of a full time job. I know that I will still have to work close to full time but with simplicity. Writing small how to books and youtube videos and this blog are all on my list of things to do.

I know that it takes some hard work and research to write a good non fiction book but thankfully for me, not only have I been researching self help books for some time now but I have also studied and been certified as a consulting hypnotist; I do not use it ever, but I am not sure why I am not using my knowledge to create online content for sale and for free with ads like on youtube. I do not have to sit in front of a camera, alls I have to do is make a recording and upload it as a video!  I am actually thinking about trying it all out with a pen name just for fun and seeing if it is really neccisary for good content to mass advertised(call it research). The self help world is one that will continue to grow because this world continues to get nuttier and nuttier(no offense <3 ). I am a psychology major and the only books I read are self help because I like to know what varieties of people say on a certain topic; Happiness, gratitude, change, habit changing, things of that sort are my specialty. I have no reason not to move forward with my life experiences, my certifications and education, as well as my research to join the world of self helpers. I told my mom and Sam, (and myself) that I have so many answers to life in my head yet I just have not applied them! Time for that to change!
Why when I say that I am a treasure hunter do I want to become a self helper? If you look at the self helpers many of them came from a long history of crap and pulled them selves up and get paid to talk about it. The key is to succeed at something from nothing and you all of a sudden have another career option and you probably can retire and just get paid to speak and write if you go all the way with it and are good at sharing your story.

Ill be sure to keep you updated on how the progress goes. I will share my content here when it is ready, but there is still work to do such as recording and of course editing the book. I hope I can come up with a fun pen name!

Are you looking for a side job? Maybe you are ready to quit your job? I would love to hear your ideas of throwing in the red flag at working to much!

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