Clarity and A Cool Camera

The end of the weekend is here and on with the new week. We had a good weekend, lots of activities, adventures, and hard work. I am going a little crazy trying to figure out this whole internet social media, be a blogger and a seller thing but I think that I have got a good start on what to do to get going.

Tomorrow is the last day of my pyschology class and the only thing standing between me and my first business class is a 10 page term paper that I actually have not even really started which is reallllly bad since it is due tomorrow. I have so much other things on my mind but I am a pretty good writer when it comes to term papers so I am not really worried about the amount of time I gave myself, I just am kicking myself in the butt because that means I won’t be doing much of anything else tomorrow but researching and pulling together a paper. Good news is I get to stay sitting down! I am pretty exhuasted.

Find of the weekend: 1950’s brownie hawkeye flash model, you can buy it from me HEE Realization of the weekend: I do not want to just collect and sell vintage. I decided that I want to really focus on vintage decor that is eccentric, industrial, or highly collectable. I started collecting things lately that just seemed older and a good deal to make a profit but I think that to make this really something I can be passionate about and successful I need to create a niche for myself that I really enjoy. Some things that have been sticking out to me or Sam has pointed out to me is things like this old camera, typewriters, radios, clocks, lighting, furniture, shelving, and rusty items like tools and signs. I keep looking up industrial decor and home decorating ideas and each time I see a photo I fall more in love. I have been so lost on my artistic journey the last few years but I am starting to see where I can be headed. I have created a few new abstract paintings and incorparated vintage pieces from a lamp and rusty hardware but I learned the hardway the difficulties of epoxy glues and ruined a 30$ canvas because I did not mix it well enough. Thankfully I can get the glue off the washers with acetone and the rust will not come off (so my brother Dallas says so)…So if I teach you anything today it is if you use epoxy as a glue, mix, mix, mix. The dumb stuff isn’t drying and I cannot really sell a piece of art that is not dry…It turned out so cool too. I am proud of the piece but I am afraid that it is just not going to work.

Talking to Sam and Dallas over the weekend even though some of it put my undies in a bundle gave me an ahha moment. I have to get organized, I have this book I wrote about changing your life and a big part of it is planning and here I am the author of this book and seriously have not headed my own advice. So the agenda for the week is something like this:

Write my 10 page research paper, Mow the yard, help Sam finish up the remodel in the bathroom (I started it today with sanding and painting and I bought the new flooring so I got to figure out how to put it in…I told him I CAN DO IT <3) and work on my social media knowledge and network locally as an artist and small business starter, read my text book for my ebusiness class, sell some items, find my scale to wiegh my items for etsy and add international shipping and do some team networking, finish my book lamp (can’t waitttt to photograph it and get it online for sale, it is sooo cool), and hopefully get started on the remodel on bedroom #1 one upstairs. …its a good thing there are 7 days in a week!!! <3

I have to really show myself I can make things happen before I start spending a ton of money on all the cool things I want to make and collect…Sam keeps reminding me that we have a nice inventory for me to get started…so even though its not a HUGE collection, it is a collection non the less.


Our house is not to far from being ready to put back on the market … I know there’s not a lot of explination of this here so if your new we bought a 100 year old house and are fixing it up to flip it. Sam is ready to get the sign in the yard so I told him that I would do my best to help him, I have so much I want to do, but if I expect support I must be supportive too.

Its 1:45 in the morning and my head is still going 100 miles an hour so I guess instead of writing you a book I should get comfy and try to relax…Soda Crush Time <3 <3 <3 (its a serious addiction)

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