Industrial Design and Decor What It is And Where to Find It

So you heard of it, maybe you have even seen it even if you did not realize it or not. It is everywhere! I fell in love with industrial design more recently and I can admit that. I always had an eye for the shabby chic style but did not feel like I really fit into it; it is just to cottage/country/beachy for me.  

Sam and I took a fun little walk to a demo site the other day to take some pictures <3

There is something about industrial design and decor that just grabbed me like gone with the wind and took me over. I am now obsessed with it so I figured now is a good time to talk about it so it doesn’t through the blog off.

What is it you ask? That is a good question! I could not come up with my own words for this  (Yes I am admitting that)SO I am sharing the words of Lisa Frederick writer for Houzz in her post: So Your Style Is: Industrial.

***Click on her name to get to her article and check out the amazing photos she has!***

“What it is: It used to be that industrial wasn’t even a style — it was a fact of workaday life. But somewhere along the way, we began to appreciate its lack of pretension and the visual appeal that lies within utilitarian surfaces, stripped-back architecture and salvaged objects. It exploded into a trend that shows no signs of waning, and these days, you’re as likely to find industrial décor within the walls of a multimillion-dollar mansion as in a converted loft in a gritty part of town.”

Pretty interesting to think about.  It is almost like industrial decor celebrates the everyday working person and bringing their routine to an art. I can say that I do love the rustic chic/industrial chic look along with the rest of it which is rusty tools, gears and what nots along with black and silvers or whites to chic out a piece of furniture. Another fav I have is furnniture and other tangable items made from pipes.

So now that I have shared this with you I thought I would give you some links to browse of industrial artists I found on If you are not familiar with Etsy it is time for you to get to know it…and be sure to follow me Treasuretroveart  (My shop is my treasure finds…not all industrial related but what can I say, I have an addiction…there is a lot more coming both in art and vintage finds I am just really behind thanks to homework and the house…excuses I know)

Drum roll for these other awesome shops and their artwork pleaseeee <3….

WoodsNArt This awesome shop has lots of pieces made from wood! I <3 wood art!  I noticed this shop a while ago aond thought how in the world does she do it? Who knows but it looks great!


TheGinghamowl  Her photography is a nice cross between shabby chic and industrial chic. I think there is probably a piece in there for everyone!


EllaMurphyDesigns This is a listing for a really cool metal replica of an arrow. You pretty much have to see it to get it, but it is beautiful and a great way to improvise from hang heavy metal on the wall!

DragonFlyDreams1 This is a unique shop with dream catchers made out of gears! How awesome and innovative!

KarensChicandShabby She has a cool light and I love lighting! Her stuff is to me a little more country but what I noticed was that it was a good mix and having that light got her on the list <3


SO now you have been introduced to or have found some new shops. If all else fails type in Industrial Decor into the search bar and you will get hundreds of shops or more!

I am usually a little behind on times what else is trending now adays? These chics seem to be taking over the universe!

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