Personal Success, Hard Work, And Looking for Unique Ideas

SO I think I about fell down our stairs like 5 times yesterday! I worked a lot harder today then I have in a long time (on my feet that is.) I went for a run and then came home and helped Sam with the house. I washed walls and did quite a bit of painting in the stairway and hallway up stairs and in one of the two upstairs bedrooms. I did not get much done online though, but I am still here!


I am getting excited about all the small goals I have in my head. I decided since I worked really hard to help Sam out yesterday that today I will work really hard at a few of the things I want to get done for me. I am hoping that the youtube channel will be going soon, but I did not realize how hard it was going to be to make a few recordings.
I have a mac book pro and garage band which is groovy but when I was ready to start recording a lesson on self hypnosis the neighbor started mowing so I had to wait for him to be done. Then my brother came by for a little while and when he left Sam turned the radio up just a notch to loud and everything I recorded picked up his music. I did not have the heart to tell him because he is working so hard; if he wants to jam who am I to tell him he can’t? Thankfully I have some quiet time today so I can probably work on it.


Something else that I am excited about working on is some marketing research. I wrote a paper on LinkedIN for my ebusiness class this week and have some other things going through my mind that tells me that really the difference between online success and failure is the ambition to get things out there. The internet has at least half the worlds population on it by now and there is no reason that I cannot be successful with it!


I keep trying to think of something unusual that I could do that could raise some eye brows or at least make me not blend in with the entire blog world but that idea hasn’t happened yet. For now I have the few plans I have with starting a youtube and coming up with topics here and editing my book that I have let sit for far to long being that it is a book about changing your life right now.


Do you have any ideas of a fun way to raise money online? There is a guy who traded a red paper clip for a house and funded his whole adventure from his blog…I need something better then that! I do have a ton of old sweaters, and Sam thinks I should
barter for a beach house, but I cannot find anything locally to barter because anything I have of value at the moment besides my items in Etsy are things that I am not trying to get rid of and what are the odds that someone will trade me a sweater for a beach house? It is a fun thought though.

If I do not come up with something better than that I may just try it anyway. Open for suggestions aka challenges!

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