Rag to Riches Via A Good Dream

So I have been on this little mental vacation and in the mean time been thinking about a lot…even though I am not supposed to be…I started my ebusiness course this week and it was a bad week for me to take a mental break because all I can think about is how to relate what I am learning to what I am doing in real-time.

I found this awesome quote that I pinned on Pintrest: “Start by doing what is necessary; Then do what is possible; Then before you know it you are doing the impossible”

I wish someone would have told me that 10 years ago…

that maybe a little bit of a joke cause I am sure someone said it to me at least once…or 10,000 times…glad I get it now. <3

I believe that the decision to jump into some business classes was a great decision on my part. No one suggested it to me, I had a dream one night that I switched my majors and when I woke up I instantly started doing some research. I did not decide to switch majors in real life but I had a meeting with my student advisor and discussed my options and he informed me that I was able to take what ever classes I wanted as electives; so I had him adjust my schedule and because I was at the end of a course I was able to switch some classes over right away.  First is ebusiness and then marketing and advertising.

I have some great ideas for the blog and am spending the rest of the weekend working on my photograph skills, my hair, and good chances that I will be doing some book editing with in the next 24 hours of my little book that I wrote for amazon that I decided to hold of on.

I realize that now is the time. There is no reason to hold back; holding back on my ideas is holding me back and I believe with the help of Sam, and now too my brother Dallas doing some things as well that this whole blogging thing and working online may actually start coming together.


Things that I am excited to explore is:

obviously the vintage items and thrift shopping

DIY…because there is so much that can be done yourself and I want to share our projects!


House fipping…cause that is what Sam is doing…he has turned this old crusty 100 year old house into a very nice starter home for who ever decides to buy it…I have lots of pictures to share because after a handful of months of taking his time and enjoying life he is getting it done <3



and furniture building…because Dallas and Sam both are exploring woodworking…Dallas is actually in the middle of building his own work bench because he did not want to spend a ton of money buying one.

Oh and on the side some where I have a book I am going to publish on Amazon.com and a few other places soon Ill talk about that later though.

I am hoping to soon have some videos and offer some services soon as well…but there is still a lot of organizing to do before I put out there what will be available.


Life doesn’t have to be hard all the time and we only get this life once. Why not make the best of it instead of living to survive? We are just a small piece of a puzzle and to make a beautiful picture it takes more than letting the world put you into slavery and control your every move.


Rags to Riches…you just wait and see <3

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