Remodeling Nightmares & Awesome Thrift find No relevance

It’s Friday and the beginning of Memorial Day weekend. To get things started at the Sam B. & Co. House Sam decides to start working on redoing the bathroom ceiling. It is just one of many things that need done to this bathroom. To get started he had to pull down what I call is the cardboard squares which revealed what you see in the first picture.

The fun part of it all is that I am in this ebusiness class and this week learned abit about ecommerce and ebusiness and what it really takes for anyone big or small to make it as a homebased business or even a brick and mortor store.  The projects from says that everyone should be working online and 2015 it is important for video marketing.

So I decide that the best time to start shooting footage is now, just like the best time to start anything is now. I set up the tripod and have it aimed into the bathroom (sorry about the lighting…obviously had to shut off the power to the room to pull the ceiling down.) Within the first minute into the camera being on and him pulling plaster down here comes a big ole chunk of it flying down and what catches it’s fall? My head! On camera!

Needless to say I helped him for a little bit longer and now I am sitting here writing and walked away from his project.
Lesson learned…hard hats are for a good reason <3


As for the rest of the weekend it is about time for us to head out to Sullivan Illinois to the camp ground my Mom and her boyfriend have their camper and boat stationed at for some fun in the sun while it lasts.

Cool thrift find for the weekend:

I had told my mom yesturday I was looking into buying a badmitten set from walmart and was pricing them online and figured today I would go pick one up before we headed out on our journey, but Sam wanted to go on an adventure to find some dishes for the kitchen to make our pictures look even more pretty and even though we had no luck there on the specific mission we noticed a whole stack of bad mitten rackets and in the middle of it was a cardboard box and inside of it was the whole set and the net and birdie and other accessories were not even opened! At the store the same set cost 20$, It was marked at $7.99 but it was green tagged which happened to be the color of the week so I paid $4! Whoo hoo!

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