To Be Or Not To Be Is Not The Question but the Answer is NOW!

Friday <3 It is finally Friday! Although the weeks run together for me making treasure hunting a profession instead of a hobby it helps seperate the weekends out again. Garage Sales, flea markets galore!

Even though I haven’t done a ton of searching this week, I have found a few things and have a potienal buyer for a high dollar item on ebay which is awesome since Sam gave me a mission, though I realized this morning that in order to win this deal I have to make like 500$ in the next week; That could be insane amounts of work because most of my items are small, but I am up for the challenge. There is more though…

He bought our house to fix it and flip it and he has been taking his time. Our goal was to finish it in six months and his time is running out, so I also gave him a mission. He has finished the living room, the front yard garden is in place, and most of the master bedroom and kitchen and just has the two upstair bedrooms, the bathroom and a tiny bit of things outside to do. I know if he goes into over drive he will make it happen. I gave him the same amount of time as he gave me. <3 That means that probably after this weekend I will be pushing items more then treasure hunting but for a week I can manage that.

With us both giving up the idea of a conventional job we put ourselves in a stressful position as a couple and individually. Neither one of us know a whole lot of people, so as artist we have to work that much harder to make any money off of our work. We watched the movie Seabiscuit last night and it gave me some drive. It’s like having a gimp leg and still running the race. David Vs. Goliath if you will. I know we can make great things happen for ourselves if we do not give into the obsticles.

I am feeling the burn of the work out but none the less enjoying it so I am sure that my passion is high enough to succeed long term. I have long term goals and this is just the beginning. We have both had lots of trial and errors but I see the potiental for what we have going on and I am not going to let failure be an option! The most exciting part of it is that I start an ebusiness class next week as an elective and I am sure that I will learn even more then I already have to help me get things rolling!

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