Vintage Fashion My Top Ten List

So as I go from a treasure hunter by nature to a treasure hunter career I realize that there is one aspect of vintage that I have not really explored…Fashion. Every once in while I will see girls dressed up in 50’s style clothing and as much fun as it looks I think that sometimes I wish the “thing” for fashion and could pull some of it off. I have been playing with my hair and keeping my eye open for super awesome wears…dresses especially; I love wearing dresses in the summer and I have been also keeping one eye open for head bands even though my head never cooperates with them. 

I thought as a learning experience that together we could check out some awesome shops to buy vintage fashion.

My first thought was all online stores because that would be the most relevent to you since you maybe in England or something but I realized that there is a new vintage shop in my city (ekkk!) and I figured that I should share my vintage shop find with other Springfield Illinoisians.

Since I brought it up first I will tell you about it first! The shops name is Vintage Pop which is RAD! Here is the link to the facebook page to check out what they have going on. Maybe if you are road tripping the RT. 66 trail this summer you can stop by and shop local!

I have 9 other awesome shops that I found in my research and they go like this:

Pin Up Girl Clothing This shop has a little something for all the ladies!  They not only have stuff for the small’s but also for the plus sizes. I know that sometimes our bodies can make things difficult when we want to dress a certain way…well here is an answer for all of us! 

ASOS  This is a market place for new brands and also for vintage shops. It is like a vintage mall for serious! I was so excited it was hard not to buy something. The prices were great and some of the styles were unique hard to find items. Couldn’t help but to love it, and I know I will be going back soon with the DC (Debit card) on deck.

Rusty Zipper This is one of my favorites that I found. They have vintage clothing and reproductions. They also carry women and mens clothing and fashion so no one is left out! Their website is totally retro and I cannot help but be in love!

Mod Cloth  This site gets cudo’s for having my fav dress ever! If you love vintage then you probably will love this dress too. I had to post the specific link to this one…If you buy it please tell me how fabulous it is! Maybe someone should tell Sam to buy it for me HERE is the link to the best dress on the entire www!

Nifty Thrifty I cannot help but get excited about all these shops! This one in particular has the coolest deals! Mystery items for low low prices. The mystery vintage tshirts are only $5 and the coolest part I think is that you do not even know what you are ordering, but if you just hate it they will take it back. How in the heck could you hate a vintage mystery t though? You can’t.

Nasty Gal I almost did not even click on the link to this in fear of what I would find (I like to think I have evolved into a nice modest women and like my finds to be that way too) Butttt I have come to find that names don’t always line up with shops and I was so so right. I think I am a little hateful cause they put all their clothes on these superrr skinny super models and I am neither of those things. Besides that their items are unique radness but priced that way to. Expect to spend some dollars shopping in this vintage gallery.

Ruche This shop is lovely! They have everything from clothing to magnets! Vintage all over the place. I love that they did not just stick to fashion so I got to get in my normal obsessions while visiting this shop too.  Their prices vary with items but I would think are reasonable and their photos are beautiful.

I Love Vintage  I love vintage too! <3  This is a Click-n-Mortar shop! They have a brick and mortar no where else but Amsterdamn! So not only are you getting awesomeness but it is European too! They call pants trousers which makes me giggle a little.  Prices are awesome and the style is unique. I have not seen much like it on the other shops which makes it a have to visit and buy marketspace for any vintage fashion must haver!

Adored Vintage  I saved this one for last because even though first impressions last the longest, sometimes the last thing we hear is the one thing we remember.  Not only does this shop have beautiful items for sale, but they have a layaway program for women like me who have to feel like they are shopping vintage on a vintage budget! Whoo Hoo!! Go Adored Vintage!!


I hope you enjoyed the list…please if you buy anything from these shops let them know I sent you! And Ps…if you love this article feel free to share it <3 Because Sharing is Caring <3

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