Vintage Lighting and Small Business Motivations

The day didn’t go as planned but it still went well.  Sam wanted to work on the house which included a long adventure to find some materials he needed to finish up the walls in the master bedroom. It is looking amazing I am really excited to see the house transform even though I am a little bummed that it meant that I did not get to treasure hunt today.

The good news is that just a few final touches and my first industrial lighting project is finished!! Whoo HOO!!! It is a book lamp  Sorry for the shotty picture, I was to tired to get up and get the Nikon so I just took it with the Iphone.

The word of the day is that Sam has put me up to a challenge for the next 8 days.  He says that he has to find a way to push me to go from being a money spender to a profitable business women so the challenge is to make it to a certain point in my bank account by I suppose Ill say next Friday. That means I have a lot of work to do taking pictures!  I have a few new art pieces that are all but ready and a few things for Ebay, and some fun vintage items and furniture that I am sure that I can make it happen. We will see though, marketing is not really my strong point but I have no choice if I want to be good at what I do. I am really excited to network and meet new people and introduce our ideas/art and vintage collection to the world.

I know I can do it, but I still really want these cool tables I seen at the antique mall. This is going to be hard, they are all I have thought about for the last 30 hours! Treasure hunting is already addictive and watching old forgotten books and a beat up lamp turn into a beautiful statement piece with a purpose makes it even more exciting. It’s not just about collecting old stuff, it is about finding treasures that I can appreciate and that I can hope others have a passion for too. It could be tricky but I am spending more time researching then shopping at the moment so I am sure I will get good at it!

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