Books to read for designers

The Internet is full of different webinars, videos, and articles, but there is some information, which is difficult to search there, it’s available only in books, some of them are like must read for all designers. Every designer, who works on design contests or on other resources, needs to learn something new and develop his skills.  

Books for designers

The Art of color

The book contains main principles of color analysis, theory and subjective feelings are described in details.

Designing Brand Identity

That’s an essential guide for all branding teams, which is full of brand strategies, that would help with brand identity.

Graphic design thinking: beyond brainstorming

The book explains that to be creative it’s not a rule to be born such, it studies how to search interesting ideas and define problems which can be.

Blogs for designers

You can read some blog for upgrade your skills. Like this:

DesignContest writes about the logo tips in this source. As usual, this service create logo design. – Article about “50 tutorials how to creates a logo…” – read here. – Article about “80+ Fantastic Flat Logo Designs For Your Inspiration” – read here.

Find some other and tell us about it in comments!

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