Who Are WE?

interesting fact: There are 17,000+ adj. to describe a person!Who are we? My name is Justine and my Love’s name is Sam or as seen on FB Jae Marie and Sam B. <3We are both doing our best to boycott traditional living. We both have the ambition and drive to be self employed and are on a journey to accomplish just that. We have a list of things that we are doing at the moment but once in a while things change-up.I take to heart on a daily basis personal success. I wasn’t sure how to fit this into the blog as a topic but since it is a part of my journey you will be able to find my writings of the journey of what we do and also tips that I find from the internet and from personal research and application. I will do my best to share with you how each tip I provide works for me in a personal sense and stay tuned because I have a book that I am working on that will give you insight on how to make changes in your life whether it be inside of you or financial. I am still in the beginning but my specialty is reading self-help books and I am working on applying those tips to my real life. Your situation and goals maybe different but from what I understand there are many strategies that work well in many situations.The list of now is: House flipping. We live and are remodeling a 100 year old house! When we walked in and he said he’d take it I about fell over but things are looking great and we are close to wrapping it up and sticking a bow on it for someone else to buy and appreciate. It has been an interesting adventure and a great learning experience. I have learned that Sam for sure can do anything he puts his mind too. Neither one of us have remodeling experience but the house is looking awesome!  <3 We are actually almost done with this one, I am excited to see the next one!!!

Next on the list is treasure hunters. Both of us have an eye for fun vintage items. Sometimes we like them just the way we find them, and sometimes we must upcycle or repurpose them. Every adventure is a little different


We are also artist. The thing of the now for us is the industrial style art and furniture. I have been researching things online and in person (they call this naturalistic research because I am an observer that does not interfer…learned that in psychology 101). In the last month I have decided to full fledge take on the world as a treasure hunter and industrial artist. With the help of Sam and my younger brothers (Dallas and Lukas) I have some awesome projects ready to list and a few that are still in the progress and everyday I am looking and thinking of how to create more. I love lighting and I am starting to love the idea of random shelving but I want to strive to be different so I will try my best to be as original as possible and if I am doing something I seen online or on T.V. it is because it was just tooooo cool to not do and figure out the process!

Last but not least as I mentioned I have a book I am working on and as of now I am working on some self meditation recordings to help with things such as relaxation, smoking, and even anger. Once these things get published online I will be sure to get them here for you on the website!

The journey is always there it really is what you make of it and as a young couple in the realistic economy this is not an easy task. I will do my best as time goes on to share my learning experiences and always will share my stories. I am happy to be blogging about something I love and even though this blog is still a baby blog, it is my baby <3

Feel free to comment, share, pin it, what ever you would like and be sure to subscribe to watch us grow as entrepeneurs and keep up on all the awesome projects that we are doing and treasures we have available for sale!